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Intermediate/Advanced Level

For the advanced and experienced people who train and fight in kickboxing; Intermediate/advanced level everything should come natural. Warm up with skipping 3 min x 3/5 rounds with 1 min intervals which consists of 10 burpies, press ups, sit ups and jump squats then skipping straight away Or Running 1/2 hr before the class starts.

Technical building up combinations and setting them up to use when light sparring so you can work them out to use on your opponent or even in sparring.

  • Pad: drilling in combinations, so you should be able execute the combo's easy on the pads.
  • Conditioning: Working on pad and bag, being able to execute combos for when you spar, also getting fitness level up in great for stamina and endurance.
  • Sparring: getting that feel for while your in the ring, sparring again gets you fit and pushes you up if you want to get a better and become a fighter

After each session there are 100-200 sit ups, 100 neck lifts and 100 kicks on the bags for conditioning .


Your champion trainers

High quality champion trainers

Head Coach Terry Butwell
and Striking Coach Simon Batty (Coached numerous World Champion, European Champion, UK Champion Kickboxers and MMA Fighters), Abdul Yassine (British Kickboxing Champion with over 5 years coaching experience with KO Gym), Martin Goik (Polish National Champion, UKMF Champion - 67kg), and Coach Bambamas Kasparas (Baltic Muay Thai Champion - 75kg).


Intro Level

This level is suitable for complete beginners or people with little experience of kickboxing. Students are taught basic striking techniques such as boxing, knees and kicks. All classes are taught in a safe and friendly environment.


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General Level

You are comfortable shadow boxing, know how to hold pads and you are comfortable working with a partner. Fitness and flexibility have improved so now it's time to move up a level.


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A proud history

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KO Kickboxing is part of the KO Gym group founded 1976. The KO Gym group produce World Champions in Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, using a trusted format of specialised classes taught to similar level groups and a commitment to technical training combined with cutting edge conditioning and fitness training.

Muay Thai & MMA



Don't forget our other KO Gym locations, KO Muay Thai and KO MMA. For top quality Muay Thai training go to KO Muay Thai. If you prefer ground and pound MMA go to KO MMA.


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Arches Boxing

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We share our location with Arches Boxing Gym, a white collar, amateur and professional boxing gym. If you want to improve your boxing skills why not visit the Arches Boxing website today.